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  • Financial Econometrics Analysis Tool

    We probably are the sole service provider in India for financial data and statistical (financial econometrics) analysis tool development which helps to analyze the financial data of different companies along with an option to introduce additional fields for carrying out analysis. We have developed this tool using C# and MVC architecture as a standalone platform by which one may automatically download data after certain time of interval and storing in financially representable manner.

    In this way we are providing services to the Charted Accountants, Statistical Analyzers, Stock Market Followers and also those who need one stop solution for financial data API. Our objective is to provide customized solutions to our Clients so that they can visualize the trends and statistics of financial statements and markets in a single screen. This includes Custom Dashboards, performance indicators, News, Charts, Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow and Ratio Analysis.

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  • High Frequency Trading Estimator

    The traders in today’s market are intelligent and therefore we bring aspects of Artificial Intelligence in the world of Trading. How it feels when a lucrative user-friendly interface helps to estimate the future rates for the currencies in Global Market? Isn’t it amazing when software predicts the next changes in currency pair for the given time hop? Our high frequency trading estimator is doing the same.

    Our objective is to provide an estimator platform with high frequency and having the capability to provide suggestions and help traders in taking decisions to trade. The real-time data is taken with the help of Global financial APIs and our intelligent system reads to provide the graphical representation of the future data for a particular time period.

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  • Binary option/ Forex / Equity Trading platform

    Trading is the base of world’s economical growth and we have emerged as a promising Organization to develop Stock, Forex, and Equity trading platform for our Global customers. We have so far made Web and Desktop standalone based Buy/Sell asset trading platforms with the help of Open source and paid financial APIs. Our platform is one roof to the assets trade for Indices, Commodities, Stocks and Currencies. As an owner, having a Back office serving CRM, Risk Monitoring and Management, Widgets, Trade analysis with Expired/Ongoing trades. Statistical analysis and Campaign management is a plus which our Organization is providing to the customers.

    Now a days, when Robots have already been introduced in every domain then why ETS should lag behind to provide Auto trading feature to their Customers? We have made Back Testing and CEP analysis, a reality in auto trading and have introduced Auto trade bots to help people in trading. When a user is new to the finance domain and wants to try their luck in stock trading but doesn’t know how to estimate and trade, then our Auto bot helps them to estimate future rates of various assets by Market analysis Algorithm techniques.

    We are having extremely dedicated and experienced professionals for developing this type of platforms because it deals with the financial data from various sources and security is the major concern. We also take care about all the software security aspects in this domain. Thus, we are one stop solution for Trading Platform Development.

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