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    Progressive Web App development company in India

    In the present times, Progressive Web App development services that have the potential of delivering an incredible user experience has become a necessity.

    Progressive Web Apps offer an installable and app-like experience on both desktop and mobile devices that are not just built and but also delivered directly via the web. They are fast and reliable and have the potential to work in any browser.

    The Progressive Web App development company in India offers you with diverse models to choose the best as per your requirement and budget.

    What is a Progressive Web Application?

    PWAs combine the bests of native apps and web applications to provide the best experiences to large user bases. The core principles of a PWA are:

    • Fastness: Web experience in order to be extremely extraordinary for users must be fast, and this is the principle that guides Progressive Web Apps. The term “Fast” refers to the duration it requires to get meaningful content on screen, and then offer an interactive experience in not less than 5 seconds.
    • Reliability: A PWA must be reliably fast. A Progressive Web App must provide this reliable performance that users have come to expect from any installed experience. When launched from a user’s home screen, service workers empower a Progressive Web App to load promptly, irrespective of the network state. A service worker, written in JavaScript, is like a proxy on the client-side and gives you the control of the cache and how to answer back to resource requests. By pre-caching crucial resources you can abolish the dependence on the network, guaranteeing an immediate and reliable user experience. Apart from this, there is a PWA testing tool called the Google Lighthouse which tests PWAs. It ensures that once a PWA is built it is 100% audited by
    • Engagement: As has already been mentioned Progressive Web Apps are installable and live too at the same time on the user’s home screen, without the need for an app store. Users can add them to their Home screen by using “Add to Home screen” and they offer a full screen user experience that is immersive and comprehensive with the help of a web app manifest file and also has the power to re-engage PWA users with notifications like web push. The element of Web App Manifest allows you to take control of how your app supposedly appears and how it’s launched. You can specify the icon of the home screen, the page to load, orientation of the screen, and even whether or not to display the browser chrome.

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    According to Google, a Progressive Web App or PWA is:

    Progressive – It functions for every user, irrespective of the choice of browser because it’s constructed with progressive augmentation as a fundamental principle.

    Responsive – It can fit in any device be it – desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.

    Free from connectivity issues – Enhanced with the use of service workers (a script that the browser runs in the background) to work offline or on networks with low-quality connectivity.

    Like App – It feels like a mobile app with interactions that are app-style since, it’s built on the app shell model.

    New – It is always latest so you are not required to update it again and again.

    Secured – It employs HTTPS to safeguard your information in transit. Multiple security mechanisms/ protocols can be added like DDoS protection, CrossJacking, prevention of Sql injection and in few cases (specially for finance industries or wherever there is financial transaction involved) PCI-DSS protocol.

    Discoverable – It is easily recognizable as search engines can discover the app and identify it.

    Re-engage able – It supports push notifications to bring the user back to the app.

    Installable – It enables to add the app to the home screen without facing the hurdles of jumping through App Store hoops.

    Linkable – You can easily share the application to a friend using the URL.

    Benefits of PWAs

    Developing an excellent Progressive Web App has farfetched benefits, making it a delightful experience for your users which nurtures engagement and upsurges conversions.

    Cost Effective – The biggest benefit in case of PWAs is saving in terms of cost of app development and maintenance because it is supposed that creation of a website is much easier than constructing an Android App. It only needs to be developed once depending on the need of the user and can easily be transferred to Android or iOS versions.

    Cross Various Platforms – Progressive Web Apps are not limited to any specific platform unlike other apps which means you are not required to build separate versions of app for diverse platforms. The Progressive Web App development company in India develops tailor-made applications in order to take care of your business function needs.

    Technology used

    There are several tools and frameworks to build PWAs. The PWA developers need to choose technologies that guarantee robustness, consistency, a striking interface, engagement and its security mandatorily.

    In general, the technology on which PWAs are built are ReactJs.-Redux, other frontend JavaScript libraries like VueJs., MERN stack. ReactJs. because of its advantage of reusability of codes and its rendering mechanism, from the server to the browser and due to this is preferred by developers. With the advantage of handling huge scales of data, AngularJs. is also a robust framework for developing PWA. At the leading web development company in India, we also employ MySql.

    Few brands which employ PWAs are-

    • Twitter
    • Flipkart
    • Pinterest
    • Ola
    • Forbes
    • Alibaba
    • Trivago
    • Book my show

    An emerging yet ground breaking technology

    When native apps were first developed, all users couldn’t get sufficient of them. However, it transformed the way customers interact with their mobile devices and with brands. The recent tendency, however, shows that people are spinning away from apps.

    According to reports, majority of consumers do not download apps in an entire month. Many established businesses have already struggled going through the severities of developing a native mobile experience for their clients.

    But a good PWA development successfully replaces a company’s mobile site, the company’s native app and at times even the desktop site. Simply put, it’s a mobile-first approach to involving with their customers. If you don’t have a recognized mobile presence yet, you can directly develop a PWA.

    We offer full stack development of PWAs depending on your customized needs regardless of your domain of business and scalability.

    Hence, if you are looking for developing a then you can hire the most reliable Progressive Web App development company now!

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