Shouldering the recruitment burden of your company on us

We have eminent HR people who will work on behalf of you so that you no need to keep a dedicated HR department in your company.


This service is designed to help you find the perfect professional.

  • Recruitment & Staffing for onsite

    This service is designed to help you find the perfect professional who will be working for you., though the service is quite different from dedicated hire. Under this service, we will be providing a choice of professionals according to your requirements and that person will be working under your payroll and will be travelling to your country to work from your business premises. Apart from arranging the interview we won’t have any other responsibilities. For further details contact us.

  • Technical candidate

  • Management candidate

  • Recruitment Process

    Lining up resources: to look for suitable candidates who will be perfect for your company and the job you are offering.

    Interview management: to arrange interviews so you can find which one amongst the candidates will be most suitable for your company.

    Contract for selection: to make the selection official and also to put the terms and conditions in writing and avoid any future complications.

    Arrangement of joining: to help the candidate reach your place and settle down before joining your company and start working.

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