• Client United States, Asia, Europe, Australia
  • technology PHP, ASP.net, JAVA, Python Django
  • type Web and Cloud
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Our designers and developers are always inventing modern and lucrative techniques for our consumers. We are experienced in HTML, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, J Query, AJAX, JavaScript, WordPress, PHP Frameworks and CMS like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal. We have strong team for JAVA and ASP.net like domains. Moreover, Android and iOS programming are done to satisfy our Clients who are in search of Mobility solutions. Our incomparable designs lead you to tomorrow’s dream world. We believe in providing 3 months FREE of COST support and bug fixation maintenance. We are also conversant with best SEO practices and latest Google updates.

Here are the SEO techniques that we follow on websites to increase organic traffic and achieve top rank:

  • Phase 1: Keyword Research – Researching and Finalizing profitable keywords.
  • Phase 2: On-site SEO – Optimize pages with mega-tags, page titles & keyword driven content; alt-image tags; h1-h6 headers; codes.
  • Phase 3: Link-building – High Quality, Manual back linking
  • Client Ali from Toronto, Canada
  • technology PHP Codeigniter
  • type Web (opensource)
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This platform provides a utility for the passengers to book limousines from Airport to any destination of their choice in Toronto, Canada. This booking requires an instant payment method to accept bookings and cancellations are merely simple i.e. within a click of a mouse.

To see website, go to: www.unitedlio.ca


This is a platform for T-Shirt customization and e-Commerce. This platform does not only offer ecommerce activities but also offers a utility of the customization to the t-shirts. People can also tag this shirt in social media platforms. They will get a serial number for the purchased product so that the genuineness of the product remains after the delivery. Thus, payment authentication, product verification are the most positive parts in this e-commerce development. To see website, go to: www.beny.nyc


This platform offers not only an ecommerce facility but also offers deals, Auctions, and MLM up to 5 user level. We have developed the total genealogical structure and referral marketing and connections for this project.

MLM shop

Joytasting is a food and gastronomy based social network. this platform allows people to connect with one another and create social events, invite and chat using this medium. Thus, social network and event creation meet under single roof.


Techwash platform offers people to book for online laundry, washing and dry cleaning process by using subscription and online payment. Techwash sends their delivery / pick up boy with android app to get and deliver customer’s goods and hence track location / path accordingly.

To see website, go to: www.techwash.in

  • Client Anderson company, Las Vegas, United States
  • technology JAVA, Javascript
  • type Cloud
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This comes with worksheet where legal advisors of United States can make and maintain a structure sheets with their business entities, assets and additional information for their Clients. Advisors have their login to make this blueprint using a customized tool where the lists of Clients are coming from Box.com and Salesforce. This blueprint could also be seen in the Salesforce login profiles


This is an insurance and claiming system that runs for a Fruits distributing company. Here sender can put Claim requests to the receivers, sitting at the back office. They can cancel or pass the claim which in turn will be approved by Surveyor and then Admin. Automated processes, staff management, physical recoveries and market strategies are some of the modules that work in this platform.

To see website, go to: www.stilfresh.co.uk


This application is a SaaS based application where Super admin can authorize Cake shops to act as an admin and create custom cakes for their customers. This platform comes with several tools to create / modify cakes and cup cakes for wedding and parties like events. Admin can issue an invoice, accept payment, and send built-in and custom mails to the customers. There are various reporting activities that help an Admin of a cake shop to maintain statistics.

To see website, go to: www.mycakebuilder.com (To login, call us)


This is a 2D Kitchen or room planner where various tools and measures are used to make customized shapes to define a probable area to a home designer. This is a very effective tool and we are now implementing a 3D version of it. You may see doors, windows, cabinates are placed in the respective positions. One may drag and drop objects easily in this canvas.

To see website, go to: www.ets-demo.com/k/kitchen_demo


eCourt is a web based platform where Lawyers can guide or provide consultation to solution seekers. One may approach this platform if needs legal help. He just needs to post his issue and available lawyers may put their solution in a brief. Of course a person must talk to selected lawyer once he finds their suggestion suitable. So, a person must pay one hour consultation fees in advance and that will be securely kept until the Lawyer actually provides solution to the person. After successful meeting , this Lawyer will get paid.

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