e-governance application development
We are willing to develop software application for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) which will help any Government entity to manage their end to end service process. Starting from exchange of information to integration of various standalone existing Government system, we are confident to make our ‘Digital India’ mission successful by our skills and experience in the domain of software development and consultancies. We want to spread our services to foreign Government organizations as well. This E-Governance application can be of following types.
  • G2G (Government to Government): Information exchange services or application integration between Government organizations.
  • G2C (Government to Customer): Information exchange service or application integration between Government organizations and their customers.

Motivational speaker Provider
In today’s world most of the Organizations starting from educational institutions to large scale enterprises are arranging motivational sessions for their members or employees because all have understood that people become unmotivated /annoyed /disappointed or frustrated for their fast and busy day-to-day life’s activities. The situation or circumstances they face create huge mental pressure which in turn, redirect them towards negative thought and action. Our objective is to boost their confidence in them by helping them to recognize their inner power so that they become inspired and can initiate a happy and successful life.
Organizations are welcomed to contact us anytime if they need such services for their members or employees. Our designated speakers will visit on pre-scheduled event to motivate them towards original objective of human lives.

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