Making your large business process smaller and easier to manage

International standards are followed while studying your business process for proper analysis of the system.

 ETS is one of the most prominent a leading ERP Development Company of India. The company comes up with a wide plethora of customized ERP solutions that are tailor-made for the small, medium as well as big level organizations. The solutions are so designed to maintain and organize business activities in a seamless as well as structured way.

In today’s business world, the ERP software packages are almost indispensible for a number of reasons:

  • They go a long way in augmenting the efficiency of the business and related activities
  • They minimize the cost of business marketing and other related operations
  • They also indulge in conducting of an well-organized record-keeping .
  • Reduction of communication gap between various departments of an organization by bringing them under a centralized system.
  • Help in time saving and give productivity at all levels in a business a shot in this arms
  • Help in gaining access of the application database with the help of mobile-friendly application from regardless of the location

The industry domains that come under our purview are:

  • Banking and Financial Sectors
  • Packaged Consumer Goods
  • Energy – Oil and Natural gas, Services related to Oil fields and renewable
  • Government Sector
  • Health Care Industry
  • High Tech sector
  • Insurance sector
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Media and Information Services
  • Resources - Metals, Mining & Construction
  • Retail Sector
  • Telecom Sector
  • Transportation. Hospitality and Travel
  • Miscellaneous Utilities
    • The target audience of the solution
    • Development of customized solution
    • Implementation of Oracle? SAP
    • The Project life cycle that we follow

ERP Development is something that each and every business organization would like to look forward to, to succeed in development of business. Therefore, if you are in need of further information regarding the enterprise application we and mobility solutions we come up with, you can get in touch with us in no time.

We have an extremely competent pool of experts and technicians will be more than ready to resolve your queries and will help you out in development of the right ERP software package that is tailor made for the development of your business.


How our ERP Development Service will Help Your Business

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Serves the Organization as a whole

We are a perfect partner for business establishments who want a suitable centralized automated solution that effectively create customized datebook, effective social network and Messaging Service with in-built lists to chart out list of actions to be done and projects, time based log entries, implanted reporting system by integrating office suite.

Generates Sales and CRM solutions

With the effective amalgamation of valuable customer insights brought in through CRM modules we help you to communicate and build relationship with your target customer bases. As a safe record repository we help your business grow by generating reports encompassing company’s details of sales, expenditures, quotations, bids and support requests from the vendors and buyers.

Takes care of Accounts and Billing

The accounts and billing module of the enterprise software we provide, is empowered with features that helps you keep a proper detail record of the bills generated for the various accounts pertaining to the different functional departments. It incorporates the most accurate accounting tools following the best practices including components that help in evaluating the taxations, chart generation, invoice generations and linking to secured financial payment gateways.

Manages inventory 

Managing the inventories of your business establishment is very important. We offer competent ERP frameworks that take into account the issue of inventory management and coordinating it with the related warehouse management functions, supply chain and purchase departments irrespective of whether you own a restaurant chain or a healthcare service. Our customized ERP solutions help you manage them effectively.

Supply Chain Management

We understand how crucial it is for you as a business to stream line the flow of goods and services with the supply-side to optimize the business value and gain competitive advantage. Through implementation of a robust enterprise solution that ensures free flow of real time information to manage distribution, transportation, logistics, tracing and generating invoices.

Human Resource Management

This is the most indispensable area in the functioning of an organization and we have developed a HRM module with in-built employees’ leave and attendance accounts, claims on expenses, payrolls and appraisals and performance indicators among HR functions.

Apart from these, we also serve businesses irrespective of their size and scalability. We offer customized solutions that cater to the need of the small, medium as well as large industries. 

The program frameworks we specialize in to develop our enterprise solutions:

• MVC Architecture 


• PHP 


• HTTPS secured protocols


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