Dedicated team of developers to work on projects.

Highly skilled and experienced professionals work for your projects to ensure quality.

    Hiring best resources for you!

    Looking for the best team of developers and designers to work on your projects is an uphill task but, with the best software development company in India it becomes an effortless task for you.

    Our team of highly skilled and trained professionals can build seamless software and applications as per your requirements under our policies of providing expert staffing solutions.

    Dedicated Hire

    If you looking for hiring the right professional for your company and yet unable to find the best fit you are just at the right place!

    Dedicated hire for onsite

    Are you looking for hiring a professional for your company, but the ones available in your country don’t fit in your budget? Do you want someone who will deliver your projects with great expertise and yet won’t cost you much?

    Then we have the best solution for you! Our dedicated hire onsite service will help you to acquire a professional who will travel to your country or state and work for you at a much lesser cost. The person hired will be under our payroll, principally, a deputed employee of Eclipse Techno consulting Global Pvt. Ltd. working only for you dedicatedly.

    In regards to the other details like travel arrangements, tickets, visa, and accommodation you will have to bear separately. This mode dedicated hiring helps companies to hire skilled and established development teams in an extremely short time. Besides that, the recruitment cost, in this case, doesn’t exist while hiring a new in-house staff can cost two actual developer’s wages of HR costs.

    Dedicated hire for offshore/remote

    If you are looking for a professional who will work dedicatedly on your projects and business process but won’t have to travel to your country, then this service will be perfect for you. Under this service, we will provide the professionals who will be under our payroll and work from our office premises but will work exclusively for your company.

    The hired professional can either work dedicatedly or can work project wise depending on your decision and requirement. This will help you to get the job done by being cost-effective at the same time! For further details, please contact us.

    Choose us as your outsourcing partner because:

    • • As a reputed web development company in India, we offer technically skilled and qualified individuals with expertise in PHP, ASP.Net, Python, JAVA, Android and several other IT domains, including software maintenance and testing. We also offer ample opportunities to individuals skilled in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies too.
    • • We offer efficient and skilled management professionals, all opportunities to explore their marketing, communication, lead generation and sales oriented skills to gain a foothold in the vastly competitive business domains.
    • • Our team of professionals are very well adept with handling teams multi-tasking to deliver projects with highly customized needs and timely deliveries.
    • • We conduct our recruitments screening the finest resources adhering to industry best practices and quality standards.
    • • We believe in realistic expectations when it comes to work and hence our project estimation, timeliness and quality of delivery can never fail you.
    • • We believe in a continuous growth model and hence our team of developers apart from being an expert in their own fields, constantly learn, enhance their skills and attain the proficiency of the dynamic changes taking place in the diverse fields of technology thus implementing them in their work as well.

    Therefore, if you are looking for hiring such efficient resources for your projects get in touch with us now!

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