We maintain privacy to each relationship. The policies are as follows: We maintain strict confidentiality for all documents given by clients and also don’t share to any third party. All server credentials are very confidential for us and also for our clients which we store with stringent secrecy. Our assets information and our associate’s information are very important to us and we do not reveal these to anybody. HR policy document are only accessible by the associates of our organization with valid employee id. None other than them are allowed to access this. If we do any outsourced projects from any of our esteemed clients then we are very meticulous in documentations and NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). We follow the agreement in very stringent manner. We keep our client’s contact information very confidential as they are the most valuable persons for us and we do not want them to get disturbed by any unwanted calls. We maintain confidentiality in any financial aspects both of client and us (Like Bank information, PayPal id, Credit Card information etc.) . If client provides any of his IP (Intellectual Property) for project execution or for any deal then we keep that confidential to any third party. We never disclose that to anyone other than any designated person from client’s company and that is also with prior approval.

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