Restaurant management
  • Client Tariq, United States
  • technology JAVA Spring Boot, Firebase
  • type Smart application for Tables, TV, Watch
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Are you ready for a Smart Dining solution? This Restaurant management system is to browse people sets of options like Menu, social network, click images, view weather forecast and reports, check the live kitchen, call waiter and Taxi etc. We all, nowadays visit restaurants, cafes, events, parties or even visit the dining room. Imagine, you see a smart table with all the menu, items, categories, social media, camera and other apps right in the form of a screen. That’s what every Restaurants and Cafe looks forward to implementing. So, we as a restaurant management service company are ready to provide such smart systems and management solutions to all hospitality business in the world.Think bigger, get smarter!


It is a homepage or you can say the first page to see a user in his smart table. He can see animated buttons clicking. They are so slick to click that users feel their live buttons or realistic water drops.

Home page
Menu items

After Clicking Restaurant icon, this menu shows up. The user may navigate through the list. Admin of the platform may add / edit / delete the menu as per requirement.


This is a menu list one may choose. Clicking upon anyone, a list of items will appear with a slider effect. All the things have been designed in JAVASCRIPT using user-defined custom libraries.

Sub menu
Checkout page

This is the payment process. One can terminate the transaction using Cash or payment gateway or card transaction.

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