Product customization
  • Client United States, United Kingdom, France, Malaysia
  • technology Fabric.JS, Go.JS,
  • type Web
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This tool has been developed using JAVASCRIPT libraries like Fabric.js, Go.js, and others. These tools give the user the freedom to draw and sketch themselves without taking any permission from the tool’s admin or having skills in coding. These tools are getting so popular among e-commerce sites that, they are allowing people to buy customized items.


We have also implemented a custom price calculator with respect to each change or customization.

T-shirt Customization
Business Card

This is a Business card customization tool. Anyone may create and customize the design they want along with texts, images, shapes, and orientations.


This is an example of Shoe customization, but similar things could be done for cups, caps, Jackets, Shirts like any objects.

Shoe Customization
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