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This system is known as EHR or Electronic Health Record System which can maintain any health-related records. This system ensures computerized medical records management as well as Electronic Integrated Health Record Management and provides shared access to maintain all the information related to the patients and employees by any authorized medical sources in a secured environment. Through this system, the employers can track all the records of occupational health services and the staffs can be able to spend more time to treat patient very easily. This system also ensures the interoperability of the EHR which indicates all the records has to be shared across the EHR. It stores all the records in a centralized database and it can be shared between staffs, employees, and employers of the hospitals and medical sources.  If you too have same or similar requirement then please go to “Contact us” and convey your scope of work to us. You may feel free to contact us via Chat. One of our executives will get back to you. Happy Reading!


EHR is divided into many parts. This part can communicate with different sub-modules and functions of the sub-modules. The features are as follows:

1) Meaningful use of certified EHR: The EHR system holds the US government guideline to be a certified EHR system.

2) Differentiate health-related data from any employee: The EHR system helps the employer distinguish an employee’s health-related data from employee data.
Mapping feature: Through this system, Employer can easily view the mapping details as well as the medicine details for the use of an urgent need.

3) Supplier Orders Documentation and Auto control function

4) Dismissal management and prevention function: After compliance, the prevention prescription can be generated by this system and patient can easily get the treatment and preventative details. 

5) Drug Database Management: Through this system, employer, as well as employee of a medical organization, can easily maintain the drug composition details, including other necessary details and allergic details information and preventative information reporting based on allergy. The command of drug application can be maintained by this system.

6) E-Prescribing Features: Users can easily maintain a patient’s prescribing records and easily prescribe the patient in an emergency function.

EHR Reporting

Audiometry, Spirometry and Vision Testing Module:
The functions of the Employee Lab modules are:

1) A particular employee can enter all types of test results i.e. Audiometry, Spirometry and Vision test results.

2) For audiometry tests, authorized employee can maintain another type of audiometry test records, ie photocopy examination, tympanometry examination, audiogram test by conducting and updating.

3) For Spirometry tests, concerned employee can maintain Spirometry test records by entering and updating.

4) For Vision tests, authorized employee can maintain different type of vision test records ie explanation method, corneal and retinal topography, Fluorescence radiogram, capillary dilatation test, refraction test by conducting and updating.

5) An employee can compare different types of test results and make a short report through this module.

6) An employee can update the preventive action details (if needed) and costs of these tests.


The functions of the modules regarding users (Employee / Employer) are: 1) the user can report the drug screening by maintaining this module.

2) The user can enter and update drug details through this module.

3) The drug screening process guideline can be updated through this module.

4) The drug screening planner can be maintained by this module.

5) A user can also maintain the quality of any drug through the help of MRO’s.

6) The user can also maintain the preventive action details for using any drug through this module.

7) The user can also maintain charges of drug, expiry date, as well as manufacture details of any drug.

8) The user can also separate the drugs by category wise.

9) This module can help users maintain the banned list through this module.

10) The user may be able to provide feedback on quality issues of the drugs.

11) User may be able to track and maintain quality related reports.

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